Frontend Developer
UI/UX Design
User Research
Head of Design
Product Management
Motion Designer

Design Team Size
3 ︎ 17

Illustration – The Little Labs, Brook Wells, Aleksandar Savic, Ben Bates, Benjamin Belly

Animation – The Little Labs, Ben Bates, Benjamin Belly

Design – Ben Bates

User Research – Anastasia Pacana

Video Encoding – Andy Creeth

Marketing site (designs + code).

Brand guidelines that united marketing and product's user experience Brand copy/tone guidelines.

Design Org Process

Streamlabs is the number one 3rd party software for online broadcasters and content creators on multiple live streaming platforms. We created essential customization tools catered towards new and experienced streamers allowing for enhanced viewer engagement and ultimately, channel growth. My goal was to create a consistent brand across marketing and product while leveling up the design org and design thinking across the company.


Business Opportunity

Solidify ourselves as the market leader during a time of strong competition.

Increase new user signups.

Retain more users who signup but then drop off.

Increase revenue from pro subscriptions.

Personal Challenges

👥 First time recruiting, onboarding, and managing a team of 15+ people

🧭 Navigating a new company and team dynamic


  1. Establish a cohesive branding and product experience with a high caliber of delight and execution.
  2. Bring the design maturity of the company up from a 1 to a 5. Scale our process, design thinking, brand, and collaboration all to drive customer satisfaction and profit.


Worked with our Streamer success manager to get video meetings and emails of customers to test solutions during the design phase.

User calls to understand hesitations and perceived benefits of the customer so that we could address them in the new site.


Continue user interviews for qualitative answer on the 3 problems.

Measure signup conversion % vs old site.

Measure consumer pro tier signups + revenue.

Measure time from signup to usage.

Measure time from signup to becoming an "activated user".


Qualitative Research – Video calls with potential, new, midcycle, and veteran customers.

On site research – Talking with customer while they were live on Twitch.

Quantitative Research – Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and internal metrics.

Competitive Analysis – How are competitors communicating. What features/factors are making us the market leader or are we lacking.


Project started off as these hypothesis to test

  1. There was a large amount of perceived friction in a customer swapping to us.
  2. Consumers weren't aware of our pro tier offering.

Through research we uncovered

  1. The product offering lacked cohesive packaging and explaination.
  2. Streamers weren't aware of every feature we offered
  3. Our free price point wasn't clear enough.